Ironforge/Bronzebeard Dwarf Shadow Priest


I need some ideas for the backstory of a regular dwarf priest who has been utilizing shadow magic (not necessarily Void - think old school shadow priests).
I think the race has good potential for shadow-related stuff because they basically live inside mountains, where it can get pretty dark in some corners.

What I know so far, is that this dwarf priest is an explorer that does research into his race’s Titan origins, as well as general exploration out of curiosity and interest. He’s got ties to the Explorers’ League and is often found in the massive Ironforge library either reading, or handing over books and tomes found out in the world.

What I’m looking for is a valid reason for him being able to utilize shadow magic, without being a crazed cultist type of creature. How he can - in times of dire need - assume the shadowform to decimate enemies, if things get hairy.



I might be wrong, but isn’t shadow priest -ism dark magic well beyond literal physical shadows?

Shadow priests have several spells that manipulate the minds of their enemies - which seems pretty effective; if you “lose your mind”, you are really not in fighting condition.

I’d find it most likely that a ‘morally good’ shadow priest started out learning about healing, improving their skill, and then maybe along the way realized that they could perhaps use their knowledge of healing to harm someone’s health rather than improve it?

Well, that’s my two cents, off the top of my non-expert head :slightly_smiling_face:

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Eh from the way Shadow is represented with your backstory this is more fitting for a discipline priest.
Holypriests are basically Light worshiper while Shadowpriests worship the shadows for their power and eradicate their foes. If you want him to be moderate you would need to go Discipline which is about balance or going instead to warlock which is more about utilizing instead of worshipping.

which is actually only true for non Void worshippers. The thing about void is the more madness crazy you get the more powerful you become.

You certainly have a lot of details on void worship. What exactly have you been doing in your free time? raises a suspicious eyebrow

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