Is Argus closed and other lore questions

Good evening everyone.
I hope this post finds you having the most pleasant evening.

I have for a while trying to get my guild to create me some armor for my character (IC)
Tonight I have been set a task of collecting 23 ingots of empyrium.

Simple enough task… Or so I thought, I don’t want to just write /e buys empyrium off auction house.

So, I looks up where empyrium was so I could get my character some… Argus.

Now I know in game I can take a could portals and be there in a few mins but I was wondering attempting to stay fully IC. Is Argus closed? I guess it would be impossible to go there now?
If that is the case any ideas how my character could acquire some?

I’m at a total lost.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Wishing you a lovely week.

Kind regards


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