Is assassination fun?


I’ve played a lot off assassination back in WoD. do you guys recommend assa for pve? do you think it’s fun? and how about the energy regen, is it decent or just bad


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it’s alright. it’s pretty boring single-target, plays very slowly and doesn’t have many “fist pumping moments” as i think blizzard calls it. only one i can think of really is that vanish is really satisfying with master assassin.

it’s pretty fun in multi-target because it plays a lot faster and you get to put a lot of dots up.

as for the energy regen it depends on how many bleeds you have up (so how many targets there are). single-target it’s very slow, multi-target it scales gradually until you eventually have infinite energy.


It’s fun when you think of it as a close lore (poisoning and bleeding ).
Gameplay wise st fun, and your really real your damage is bypassing the opponents armor and such but sadly like my predecessor wrote: no fist pump moments.
Aoe is horrible, planning and doing everything just to see you efforts being laid to waste by another class that does twice your aoe with a single button.


Love it. Theres no other class as fun (for me)

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It’s fun for multi target because your DoTs do damage simultaneously to targets and your energy regeneration is increase per target. As to st, you wait for energy.

I play both assa and sub

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Rogue as a whole is really mundane in current game, the only rogue spec which feels fun is outlaw since its a button smash compared to the other two, and you do high damage on AOE with minimal input too.

It was fun during WOD personally since very few abilities were pruned and talents felt situational where as now its x-cookie cutter build no questions asked.

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I was main sub player in WOTLK, and i tried Assa now, i was very sceptical…
Tbh i liked it… alot.
Sub is very fun but Dmg rotation with 3 buttons is very boring. Sub is very skill capped but the rotation is very boring, assa rotation is way more fun.

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I’ve liked it, not sure how Assassination was before though as I only leveled one in Legion and mained it in BFA. One thing I wish we had was more poisons to choose from. Although I’m not much of a PvP guy, seeing people occasionally chase you around and fall on Arenas due to your DoTs has been fun.

I gotta say about energy regen, it’s gonna depend on your Haste and that’s gonna be one of your priority stats. However this far in BFA getting Haste gear on rogue has been a pain (using assassination as loot spec also), just looking at all those Mythic+ loots, weekly chests, raid gear drops, WQ rewards… the gear I’ve been getting has been mostly Agi/Mastery dominated. Playing Assassination with such gear is extremely sluggish, so if you play one at max level, prepare to reserve some lower ilvl Haste gear for yourself to avoid that. :smiley:


Mastery is the go to on m+, haste is only needed in raid environment. In M+ mastery + crit are kings :slight_smile: Assa is really good, single target is slow, you can watch more what is going around, but AoE is hectic, you need to TAB every 2 sec and mash buttons to be competetive in terms of DPS. Also your defensives are OP, when you are in danger you can pop Cloak of Shadows + Evasion and you are immortal, plus Feint + Healing Potion every 30 secs, and vanish ofc.

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Is assassination fun … i’d recommend trying it for a while, whilst perhaps trying Outlaw and Sub. For me, its fun and everyone seems to be wanting a rogue to M+


I think if you liked it in WoD youd like it now. Give it a try

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