Is Casual RP Popular in AD?

Hey all!

I’m considering moving to AD after returning to WOW Classic this year. I was wondering if it was possible to find a guild or a community where people mainly do casual RP (and raid and/or PVP would be a big plus)? I am relatively new to RP but I have always made up stories for my characters over the years and I’m a big fan of WOW lore.

So it would be very nice if there are some guilds and communities where you can find people to have casual and random RP with, and also organize events in a more social and relaxing way rather than telling big stories. Please let me know if this a thing in AD :slight_smile:


This is absolutely the place for RP

Guilds like you’ve described that put emphasis on officer characters and use the memberbase as set pieces are not very good at all and (I hope) not all that common

You should post what kind of character concept you’re looking to play and people will be quick to recommend you some good groups to hang out with


What Perroy said.

The ingame Guild Finder, this Forum, and the Argent Archives will surely prove fruitful. People here will give you more than enough Guilds to check out if you give us a list of character concepts. You may end up looking for weeks by the amount of input people will give you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the quick response! I would prefer to play some traveler type characters that focus on sharing stories with other people at different inns, fishing, exploring the world and overall, socializing with other people. Of course I believe other aspects of the game, like raiding and PVP are also important parts of my character experience

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I think [PCU] [H-Guild] Red Venturers: The Call to Redventure! 🌄 could be a good fit. They’re a mercenary group that has a good mix of adventuring RP / light military themes / daily social RP and they take all Horde races (since you didn’t specify what faction you prefer I’ll assume you’re a troll or w/e)


I haven’t decided on character details yet and I am open to both factions, as long as I can find some like-minded people and a community to play together :slight_smile:

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On Alliance side you might want to take a look at Freemen. They’re a guild that really focuses on all the individuals and they seem to be very close knit on their travels.


If you’re a vulpera, I’d go for these guys…
Yes, I’m shilling my own guild.

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You can also keep an eye on the forums for when different events happen. There are often markets, festivals and whatnot where travelers like you might find useful things to buy, games to play and people to share stories with.

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AD is great for both casual and serious RP. Look for a RP/PVE guild as it looks like you still want to play the raiding side of WoW. Look over the forums, or the dreaded /trade, and you will surely find a guild that suits you. Random RP is also very wide and common, it’s the kind of RP I mainly participate in, and I’ve had 99% positive experiences. Ignore the elites who take things too seriously, most people will happily give help/pointers to improve your RP as well :slight_smile: Welcome to AD!

Casual RP is very popular yes. As Perroy said though, it’s better to have an idea of what you want to RP conceptually, then you can find a guild or guilds which fit that criteria.

Most RP of the casual kind can be found without joining a guild. Basically, there are what’s called “RP hubs” such as Stormwind or Duskwood, where a lot of casual or “walk-up” RP happens. Then there are public events every now and then such as the masquerade ball in Dalaran not long ago. I’d recommend checking out Argent Archives www. argentarchives .org to look for upcoming events like that.

As for Guild-based RP that is more to the casual side rather than epic stories with heroes and villains, there are some like (what I have seen) the Redbrew Company or Copper Crown that run taverns, or Dustcloud Corporation and Traders’ Initiative that run stores (Copper Crown also runs a store from what I’ve seen). If you play a vulpera (or maybe just any horde race) there seem to be a lot of “caravan” guilds around. Might be interesting for you as you said you prefer a traveler-type character.
The guild I’m in (“we’re contractors, the good kind” - Zithis) often has combat-related events ending in some kind of boss fight, and sometimes a recurring villain, but also has a weekly in-character meeting for our characters which is more on the casual side. So it’s possible to find a little bit of both in a guild, though I can’t really speak for other guilds.

Also I would recommend getting the addon Total RP 3 if you haven’t already. It really helps, trust me. It allows you to make a “profile” for your character that others can see in game, but even if you don’t write anything in your profile, it’ll help, as you can see other people’s profiles and others can see you’re a roleplayer at a glance just by hovering their mouse over your character.

Oh, and welcome! :smiley:


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