Is DK really that bad or is it me?

To be fair I just started playing WoW 3 weeks ago and having a really hard time killing monsters or having good dps in dungeons compared to my havoc demon hunter.
I played Unholy and Frost Knight but both specs of this Class feels so unfinished…

Is it just me or is it really that bad?
Am I missing out something?
I’m reaching out for help ! :smiley:

I’m on frost and so far I’m doing good and it gets better with levelling up. I’m not sure how it’ll be after I get to the islands, I’m actually curious about it :grimacing:

Unholy struggles a bit in single target but feels great to play. Not the worst dps spec right now by any means. Also has the advantage of having large part of its damage being either dot, pet or ranged so does well in more difficult fights where you have to move a lot.

Unholy has just received a chunk of buffs to help it. The only problem is tanks moving out of death and decay when you want to pop all your wounds… little bit of communication and it’s strong. Not played frost at max level and tbh mostly played BDK which is a blast!

Unholy is in a great spot in terms of PvP, can’t say about PvE honestly, but in terms of questing I am puling a gazillion mobs and killing them no issues, even on my 2nd DK I am leveling atm. To be fair this is the strongest I can remember UH being in PvP in a long time, but I could be wrong.
I can see how UH can feel weird for a new player, but I am surprised you feel that way about Frost. Perhaps you could manage your runic power & runes a bit better? Generally Frost in that respect imo is feeling very polished.

I left lvl 50 and it’s just so fluid and chill… killing mobs, pack of mobs is kind of relaxing with the aoe and DS proc :blush: i didn’t like it back in WotLK but now I’m in love tbh :rofl:

you are leveling up so its quite normal. however, frost tends to do better in pve.

Its all sunshine and rainbows until you discover that some of your skills have -75% damage modifier in pvp. Then you get frustrated :smiley:

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