Is energy starvation still a thing in hight levels?

I tried leveling a rouge because i got kinda bored playing my dh. It felt very slow because of energy regeneration being so slow. Is it still that slow in higher item levels?

Well Haste increases energy regen, so… A bit.
But you also get things like the essences that can help a bit with that starved feel like the Lucid dreams minor that can restore 50% of the energy you spent on an ability.
You’re never gonna feel like you have UNLIMITED energy tho, so if you think it’s far too slow I doubt it’ll change much for you later.
Tho I’d argue that DH, especially with the ‘auto-attack’ build feels even slower, but maybe that’s just me.

having rupture and garrote on targets regens energy, the more bleeds you have up, the more energy you get

For outlaw you’re meant to be spending it as soon as you get it, yes since you’re not maintaining any buffs like elaborate planning. As assa you need all of your dots, deadly + bleeds to be applied to benefit from venomous wounds properly, make sure you just keep getting your stat prio right and it will eventually sort of fix itself. It wont be like a caster though by any means you will have down time.

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