Is everything alright in Blizzard's HQ?!

Will get straight to the point…
Its okay about all that Clown fiesta with Solo shuffle , the huge amounts of wait time , the bugged mmr’s , people leaving and all that.
Its okay with scuffed Proffesions and glitches…

The constant stuttering thing that is still not adressed and fixed
The constant /reload we have to do cause of glitches with macros etc in arena games…

BUT NOW , even RDF is broken?!
How and im really asking HOW you guys managed to even break this thing aswell…?!
im trying to pass my time lvling a new char just for the funs and i cant que cause :

  1. It seems there is some wierdo delay til you actually que.
  2. Que suddenly gets removed itself for no reason
  3. even if you manage to que, it never ever pops!

WHAT is happening?! FIX the game… lmfao

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