Is Garrison worth upgrading?


For at very least, - can Garrison generate enough gold to payback for Garrison’s upgrades? Some of those upgrades cost 5k in gold.

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It’s not really worth it now imo.

You can’t get that much out of it these days that generates gold.

It used to be very lucrative back in WoD with gold from the mission tables but they removed those missions at the end of that expansion. Now about the best you can get out of it is a few old profession materials to make 30 slot bags if you have tailoring, or the hides for leatherworking drums.


I would say that it is not even remotely profitable as it was back in WoD. Only Medallion of Legion is still being sold at higher prices, but the mission for it is very rare.

It still offers some nice advantages like bank or AH, if you get all the materials for it :slight_smile:


Depends on your proffessions. If you got tailoring then it can make some gold.
Get the Trade post so you can buy the furs needed to keep a tailoring shop running and turn them into the 30 slot bags. depending on your server they can sell for maybe 1k gold a piece :slight_smile:

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The only worth of upgrading a garrison is cosmetic aspect of having a base and achievements related to the garrison. You can’t easly make that money back with a garrison.


If you’re a completionist / mount collector, sure.
Just a normal player? No.
Definitely no real gold value from there.

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Only if you want to use it.

It’s a great personal base.

I use it when I wont to bank and use the AH. Plus there’s the Jukebox where you can set the ambient music while in the Garrison. You also have Halloween and Xmas themes.


You also get a level 25 pet stone for the menagerie quest, whatever you think that is worth.

Also if you dont have a level 3 garrison on any char, and you want the 3 heirloom rings, you need the level 3 garrison + shipyard and a few more requirements to get the ship missions for them

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I upgraded my garrison to lvl 3 on all my alts so I can farm the daily quests that reward the Minion of Grumpus mount when Winter Veil starts. Last year I got 6 mounts and 18 medallions on 8 alts, so if you plan to farm the mount too then it’s worth it.


The only thing that I really use mine for now is the blacksmithing building. If you have a follower assigned you can ask them for a buff which prevents durability damage for 4 hours, provided that you don’t die. It has saved me money over the years but it did take a bit of time to get my initial investment back.

Also, being able to make 30 slot bags is handy. But they’re usually cheap enough now that I find it more convenient to buy them than go through the hassle of setting up a hexweave farming operation.

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Garrison hasn’t made money since the last patch of WoD.


It has two main uses, that are actually helpful, at level 3 you get a portal to Ashran meaning your garrison HS functions like the Legion Dalaran one, but with one extra loading screen to get to your capital, which is helpful sometimes but most of the time does not come in handy cause well there is the Dalaran HS which is just a bit faster so only when your normal and the Dalaran HS are on cooldown it actually helps.

The bigger one has now been diminished but will be helpful again at the start of the next expansion. The mines produce the ore engineers need for goblin gliders. They don’t make you heaps but they sell decently whenever flying is not around and they are also one of the most useful little things to have in your inventory.


That’s a great idea, OP. I enjoyed reading it. I do have one critique however. I think what would make it better is if an exalted reputation timegated quest was added. I think that this would be a lore friendly and fun way to add more enjoyment into your idea.

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I tend to upgrade mine for the ability to portal straight to Ashran. Means if I need to use my garrison hearthstone it will then allow me to portal hop back to wherever. Garrison > Ashran > Orgrimmar > Zuldazar etc.

They removed the money making aspect of missions so you wont really make anything back that way. It’s just for your convenience.


I use mine same way, especially if it is darkmoonfaire since i don’t have hs in orgi or zulduzar, i place mine in old content that i want to grind rep or something else on since i only joined at about the end of wod in game!

So i take garrison to ashran to ogri to then go to darkmoonfaire then dalaran hs ogri zuldazar to do rest of my wq with the 1 hour rep buff.

Otherwise i just use it as a quick way to get back to the city if i am all the way out in kultiras or even when i am in nazmir if i got something to auctioneer since i have auctioneer in garrison to then go back to zulduzar.

Even trying to get all buildings to level 3 !

Also people if you want to level pets i recommend the pets around your garrison the lowest one is a lvl 23 if you have 1 good lvl 25 pet they can boost your other pets pretty well there.

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You can set up a goblin glider production for a class without slow fall.

That was the pinnacle of it’s usefulness for me.

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unless you have niche wants, like achievements, mounts etc. the only benefits really are:

on Nagrand (as im logged on that server atm), bags are listed for 1.6K+

also talking about portals, the Mage tower can give you 1-3 portals around WoD.

on Nagrand (as im logged on that server atm) 10 gliders are up for 100g

the biggest benefit will probably be the BS armor buff. although you will probably never notice it, and as said it will take time to make back your 5K. but when bills can sometimes be 500g~ for a fully broken set, it can help, obviously if you dont die.

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