Is Hydraxian Waterlords becoming a high pop server?

I see a lot of players both in Elwynn Forest and Teldrassil and Stormwind is pretty full of players all of the time.

It would be great if that were the case.

I think I noticed more players around too, I don’t know if it’s going to be a high pop server, but we’re gaining players. I only hope they’re not pve players looking to avoid queues, I’d like to do RP eventually and having normal pve players around instead of rpers would be a bummer.

I think that a normal PvE player can become a roleplayer given the right incentives.


Unfortunately a lot of players coming here are not roleplayers, but rather people who try to avoid queues, which is a shame as this is the only normal RP-server. Some people may take on roleplay later on but I fear that applies to a very small percentage of players.

While we can’t force people to roleplay we can at least try to maintain blizzards naming policy when it comes to rp-servers. I actively report players with non-rp names and I urge you all to do the same. As stated, this is the only normal classic rp-server and I don’t want to see it ruined because people are lazy and don’t want to wait in queues. If PVP or raiding is your thing, go play on a different server, thank you.

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Lytherion’s right, I’ve seen it happen a few times even. Most important is that rpers have patience and tolerance with and for the aspiring rper, don’t tell them what to play but instead explain to them that you can’t do anything wrong with rp for a start, and then offer them help and guidance. Even though it can be hard on that regard the rper always has to be open for the possibility and not judge the pve player prematurely.

Unfitting names and rp disrupters can still be reported, and should. Part of that though is that the server would be rather empty if only the rpers remained. The pve players that aren’t interested in rp but abstain from disrupting rp are necessary to get a healthy populace.


I hope it happens, but on AD I saw a lot of players just going around even in RP hubs with inappropriate mounts, kinda ruining the mood.

And Zetiki, yeah I do try to help new roleplayers, I’m even active on reddit in the appropriate subreddits to help new players in need and I try to explain things instead of telling them what to do.


Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m struggling to understand why people think that us being a high pop server is a positive thing.

I get that it makes it easier to find dungeon groups, and that it can also have a positive effect on server economy - but from an RP perspective I see it as a mostly negative development - given that the bulk of the people on the server do not seem to be role-players.

It also makes questing extremely challenging, given the need to constantly compete for respawns. Some people may like this for the social aspect, but many find it both frustrating and un-immersive.

Personally I’d prefer a smaller, but more tight-knit population - but perhaps I’m in the minority?

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I certainly agree with you. I feel the kind of population we have at the moment is more or less the sweet spot. We don’t really need any more. You can relatively easily find groups for most activities and quest hubs aren’t too overfarmed (although it is starting to show a bit that the alliance is in the majority, when I see 4-5 alliance chars for every horde player I stumble across).

That said, Blizzard just announced a German RP server and will offer free transfers to it from Waterlords starting friday, so population may decline a bit, depending on how many of my fellow Germans started playing here and decide to take the offer.

I’ll stay, though. You won’t be getting rid of me this easily.

Plus Zetiki will hit me if I don’t ;(

You, my friend, are one person I’d never want to get rid of. I’ve read quite a few posts from you on the Classic General Forums, and all have been positive and well-thought out.

Aw, why thank you, I try :slight_smile:

I concur, I love Raindancer.

No accounting for taste :wink:

Hail Raindancer \o/ :stuck_out_tongue: