Is it fun?

So ganking and camping hunters for hours while they do the quest is fun for the hord ? even logging alts to make fun of you… yeah i know its pvp and shizz funny the 1st time but after 8 hours its just sad…

In SG to BRM it takes around 30-50 minutes to get inside any dungeon, these guys are beyond pathethic, I can get half a charge per ress.
This is not even PvP, this is something beyond it and Blizzard ruined Classic.
After 6pm it takes double the amount of time to reach anything due to 2x the amount of Horde.
It’s disgusting, I wish Blizzard would give answer to this matter but they are just money thirsty goblins.


hahaha yes, this was fun.

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time of my life

I had an ally on that cancer realm, just re roll on an ally dominant server like ashbringer instead, leave firemaw to be a horde pve realm


Must be great, camping sub Level 60’s for 2 Honor Points. Enjoy those Rank 14 items in 2055…

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Clearly it is fun, because a gnome mage was doing it to my friend yesterday.

Im mostly worried that this makes people stop playing. Or playing low lvl alts.

Can already see it in my guild.

I played in vanilla, and i had not thought about, what ALOT more people pr server Would have of impact.

Lets hope BG’s helps, before the server dies. Not fun for the horde either i guess playing 10 vs 1, and having a hard time finding a fight.

And if alliance stop playing, it Will be even more boring for the horde

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