Is it "safe" to wait for the physical collectors edition of Shadowlands?

I really like the heroic SL edition, but I want to buy the physical box for this expansion. Is it confirmed that all of the perks that are available now will still be included in the physical version?

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They are, but there a few other details you might want to consider. The Collector’s Edition offers everything the Epic digital edition offers, besides, if you buy the Epic edition now and upgrade to the Collector’s Edition later, the money you spent on the Epic version will be refunded as Bnet balance. However, if you buy the Heroic version, you’ll only receive the value of that version back.


Unless you really want to play an allied race DK as soon as possible, or badly need one of the transmogrification unlocks, there’s nothing to lose by waiting. I’m waiting myself to see if they can make a worthwhile CE again. BfA was the first expansion where I didn’t bother, hopefully they’ve learned.


Or if you want / need the 120 boost

I managed to get a pre-order for the 15th anniversary edition, but in the last week before shipping I canceled because I realized it really wasn’t worth it. A little Ragnaros statue and a nice mount for €150 or so was too much.

The vanilla and Burning Crusade CEs had really good art books. I think those were the most valuable parts of the CEs.


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