Is it some kind of safety logic that pet growl auto-turns-off in dungeons?

Every time I enter a dungeon or even just log out in there and back in, pet growl is off again.
Annoying for soloing stuff, but could it be a measure against too many hunters keeping it on?

yes it is made so pets dont take agro from tanks.
su** to be a tank when hunter pet takes agro all the time
There was so much fuss about pets agro in dungs until they made it :slight_smile:
so a good change hehe

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If the game design was really cool, which it is not, it would exclude this logic when someone enters solo or without someone in tank spec present.

But I can understand the crude measure taken, considering how much of a problem it was. And it might not even be notorious hunter noobism, but it is so easy to just forget to do it every time.

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Tanks complained too much about hunter pet taunts.

They did it, because it’s an enormous “noob trap” for new players - they don’t know they have to turn it off, so they get flamed and called “huntard” and kicked from the dungeon, which is a very bad experience as you can imagine, considering most people don’t realize what exactly they’re being kicked for.

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To many of us refused to turn the growl off, so it got turned off for us.
Even more experienced hunters would forget every now and again. Became really annoying.

Seriously, yelling pet taunt all the time while leveling as a tank was so annoying it’s honestly for the best.

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