Is max level the only active pvp bracket?

Is max level the only pvp bracket that is active in WoW these days?

Tried on some Alliance characters:
Level 10 - 30 minute queue, gave up.
Level 35 - 30 minute queue, gave up.
Level 60 - Says 23 minute queue. Been sitting in it for 15 minutes without a bg starting.

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61-69 has about 10 - 15 min queue time.
A lot of twinks there that will afk out just before it ends to not get bonus xp for winning.
They have TW dungeon and raid gear, 400k+ HP where regular players have 90 - 150k.

I suggest getting BOE from AH ilvl 319 for lvl 61 and run some TW dungeons at 65 and 66 or you won’t find any enjoyment.

Blizz should add ilvl scaling in lower BG so everyone is at equal gear

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Think they should just mix factions in lowbie brackets.

I’m currently leveling through 60-70 and my queue times are around 7 minutes.

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