Is Outland known for Alliance WPvP more than other normal realms?

I know we have Honor Capped on this realm, and it seems like that would make the answer Outland, since other normal realms don’t appear to have WPvP guilds.

But… looking for confirmation:

  1. Is Outland known more for Alliance WPvP than other normal realms?
  2. On your War Mode shard travels, are you aware of a normal realm that you see more Alliance players from?

Eh… I might be asking a difficult question - opinion and perception are okay answers.

According to forum dwellers it is, but I don’t know if it really is.

Some time ago both Honor Capped and a newly formed bodyguard guild recruited in trade, but last time I was on Outland I only saw Honor Capped recruit.

Maybe this is a former rep that keep sticking to this realm.

((You forum spammer - just because you can’t have you dosis WoW for some weeks, you go nuts in here :joy:))

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Thx for info!

(Soon my posts will reduce to my regular spam levels!)

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A long time ago with a community far away.

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