Is PVP dead?

Hello, I returned back after few years to play some BG’s and I simply can’t get into any. It says avarage waiting time is around half an hour, but it just never starts. Hours logged in, 0 BG’s. I remember leveling up my characters through BG’s, now I can’t even get into one. Also, haven’t met any Aliance players anywhere. What’s going on?

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PvP is quite lively at max level, but I wouldn’t suggest PvPing while levelling.

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BG’s were horrible at lower levels unless you were one of a few specs the last time I played any, quite a while ago now. Can’t imagine there being many people willing to put themselves through the agony, your best bet is get max level where it’s better but still horrific in comparison to a few years ago.

So they simply messed up an aspect of a game I liked and all I can do is suffer through leveling and PVE till I’m max lvl where it’s still gonna be bad but at least something happens when I actually log for BG?


Sadly it is the case, I’ve been sending feedback to blizzard in adding a new levelling system for pvp players where you buy honor gear at orgrimmar/stormwind that scales up as you progress through the brackets, you’ll interact with an npc that upgrades the gear as you level up.
For example,

Level 10-19 the item level is increased to 90 in PvP
Level 20-29 is increased to 190
Level 30-39 is increased to 250
And so on until you reach to max level.

This is simply a mock up version, but I have sent blizzard a far more detailed version but sadly no response for it :sweat_smile: the only best way to lvl up is by combining questing and dungeons, then you can experience PvP at level 70.

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Level up in bgs from 61 to 70. Dont even bother doing bgs before that.

Pvp is dead. This scaling killed it.


Time of day / low pop server / idk if shards/phases are still a thing / most players @max lvl or playing MoP remix …maybe.

I remember this too, used to make levelling a char more bearable (I get bored quickly in PvE).

I like this idea.
Kinda like PvP Heirlooms?
…unless lower-level PvP is more active, idk how useful this would be.

The Korraks(?) Revenge where all levels were scaled & played together was one of the most popular versions (in my exp).
Not sure if, to increase the player pool under ~60, they could merge some brackets & scale ilvl.
…or actively make PvP levelling a thing l.

Look at retail pvp lets start with arenas Affli lock/Assas rogue is unbeatable simple as.
Jumping into a solo shuffle? For a start anyone who has recently come back to retail will start off at the mmr that they left at so if youve not played for 6months+ and you stopped playing at 2k+ guess what you get to dust off that rust at, you guessed it 2k+mmr. Goodluck actually playing your class not to mention you will also be in full greens.

Look at retail bgs, starting with their hillarious blitz version of bgs 1 team will generally have nothing but freshly boosted players in greens while the other team consists of experienced players in full bis. Lets queue for a random bg instead! So you get into the game and 50-70% of your team will be bots with a mix of greens/arena gear one team will usually have some kind of a premade that will just stomp the other team.

Wana queue epic bgs? Sweet! your going to fight against people using a premade addon and get farmed for 20-30mins Amazing fun!

The truth of the matter is, Blizzard have sold out. They have taken the option of money over quality game design. They have fired many employees and have forced the rest to work accross multiple areas of the game and this is the result. A poorly designed mix match of different variations to play resulting in every single variation just being bad to play.

Unfortunately this is never going to change. Weather you get a legendary axe or not is not going to change the overall problems with this game. The issues have gotten too big and out of hand for this pathetic company to deal with. They know there are a number of people who will just never stop playing. So they will continue to take those players money. As long as the dollars keep rolling in this is the standard of game quality that this game will bring to the industry for the remainder of its time.

As a returning player myself I dont even want to attempt to get into pve as the level of toxcity in terms of getting into groups is on a level not seen by any other game in existence. This woke new version of blizzard will never understand what the player base wants becasue they simply dont listen. They let community managers deal with the forums putting out fires instead of reading it themselves and making changes accordingly.

This company should be boycotted at all costs. Absolute disgrace.

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