IS ravencrest 100% english?

yo im back to WoWie and i see that ravencrest is flipping some numbers atm, im interested in pvp and somehow i thought ravencrest is deutsch server mostly, am i wrong?

Welcome back :slight_smile:

No, Ravencrest isn’t 100% English - there are players of many nationalities playing here. As for whether most of those players are German, I guess we’ll just never know.

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Germans have their own servers so I’d be surprised if they felt like they have to take over English realms. There’s a WWII joke in there somewhere, but I actually mean that.


As far as i know, there’s a fair amount of Danish on Ravencrest aswell :slight_smile:

Fair amount of Balkan population aswell.

In my own personal experience, “most” players speak English but as others have said, it’s all nationalities. Even some Russian guys too!

Ravencrest is Full of Greeks , they gang up on you in a group of 5 or 10 and still cry and lose to you and unable to understand or communicate.

They are very emotional people.

But again they were up against the “Professional”

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Cannae be a hunner percent english, cause am no english