Is recrafting 447 gear coming?

With the new spark, I was expecting I can just recraft the gear I have. But recrafting UI will not let you pick your 447 gear for recrafting, which seems totally unfair since you can recraft a 444 ilvl item or lower and not loose your embellishments and enchants.

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Dont know what you talking about. I have recrafted 447 lariat into 463 on multiple charactares, including this one

right click the Enchanted Shadowflame Aspect Crest so the crest slot is empty and it will allow you to craft.
It’s your fault but Blizzard is responsible for making that slot not auto clear when you select a Dream Spark, same thing happened in the Season 1 to Season 2 transition as people couldn’t recraft their 418s into 424s.

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