Is Return to Karazhan bugged?

I’m trying to do return to Karazhan to farm for that mount as i do every other week but when I go in the instance I’m being teleported to Managerie instead of the actual entrance. I am not saved on any of the bosses yet this week. Is anyone else having the same issue?

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return to karazhan should be starting at the side door just before the menagerie.

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Do you have dungeons set to heroic in the instance options?

They split the dungoen for Mythic+. Could there be two entrances?

I’m having the same issue on Tarren Mill. I found a thread from the US servers with everyone having this issue on Mythic and it looks like it’s a bug. I’ve submitted the bug today, please do the same, maybe they will resolve the issue sooner this way.

Yes it is bugged.

I have reported that bug at day one when the patch came out.
Further issues with the dungeon:
being teleported to Managerie instead of the actual entrance.
Running back to teh entrance (side dor) triggers Khadgars script, but when you try to summon Medivhs sahde with using crystals, the buff dosent added as well. At the masters terace the ghost of medivh wont apier, so i was unable to summon nightbane as well. (nice mess…)
After killing shade of Medivh, and falling down to the library, you land safe but when you jump down from book to book you get fall damages as well. if you jump down from the last book you die :smiley:
Dungeon difficulity was set to Mythic so the entry issue is defiently a bug, and also the Library.

Old BC Kara is also bugged, when you control the king just tos tart the Ches event and you leav the king, so you can control a priest to keep an eye ot the king health and for the rest your chestboard the king became invisible, it is just gone from teh board. The event goes on ofc, and when you kill the oposite king, the event still goes on even after you basicly cleared down the whole board from the oposite facton. The door was not opened up after the king was killed while the light pillar efects were clearly happend. so i deceded to kill off every remaing oposite ches figures, and then i saw teh door was still closed, i left my priest and talked to Medivh to reset the board, and then the door opened. i said F that im off to Prince now :smiley:

Nope only one entrance. at the bottom of the tower thats the BC kara, at the litle bridge on the side wich conets a tower outside is the entrance of the Legion kara.

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