Is role play still a thing?

Hi guys

I’m a returning player and just wondering if RP is still a thing on this server?
From what I can see it’s not a thing now which I think is rather sad as it’s a RP server
If there are any RP guilds still around please let me know and please maybe recommend a few of them to me?

In short, yes RP is still a thing on this server.

These forums are not used as often as they could be however, so it is easy to think it is a dead realm. We are merged with many other RP realms though, so there is quite a lot of RP around.

Definitely still a thing although I must admit that it’s sometimes very hard to find like-minded players.
Tuesdays at 21:00 server time is our designated RP evening. We usually meet in the Petition Room (Stormwind Keep) for their Council meeting, then we open the tavern about 21:30. You’re very welcome to join us (StormRiders).

Good luck in finding a comfortable team to rp with :slight_smile:

Oh man, wish I knew this before. Been around on this server for 2 years, but I guess I never really looked around for any RP groups that much. A confused Stormwind Guard might go off-duty tonight!

Tuesdays are a popular evening for RP. Sundays and Mondays can also be popular. Join /lfrp and ask in there for more info!

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