Is Shattered halls bugged?


I’ve tried to get my last piece of beastlord set for my hunter in TBC classic, but over 25 runs I still havent managed to get them, not a single drop. It’s litterely a 30-40min per run and i’ve done it 25 if not more runs. This can’t be just bad RNG can it? There has to be some kind of bug for some players. I can’t in the right mind think that this is normal doing so many runs and it hasnt dropped a single time. If this is actually just extremely bad RNG, then i’m not sure if im the right player for this game.




Nope. I’m afraid it sounds all to familiar…

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Im up at 32 tries atm and still no hands. My mental capacity is litterely at its limit.

i’ve run this dungeon idk how many times for the figurine of the colossus to drop, ive done like 25+ runs aswell and not even 1 time i’ve seen it drop with its 14% droprate

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