Is Tender bugged?

Logged onto my character and checked tender randomly now, and it said I had 0. I know for a fact I have closer to 1000. I also got a notification saying I had unclaimed tender from my log, but my log is at 0 progress, so that’s interesting?

I had that happen last week. My progress and tender just reset to 0 for no apparent reason but after a couple hours or so it all came back.

So hopefuly yours will do the same (if it has not already).

It’s still missing for me :///
Sent a ticket now, hoping they can fix this issue.
Seeing as I can’t see other people reporting it currently it’s clearly something not wide-spread, so I’m hoping there’s an easy fix for it.

Strangely enough, i just went on PTR where it said i had 2500 tender there (which isn’t correct). Now back in retail and my tender has completely gone. It does not even show up in my currency tab anymore.

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