Is that a Typo Blizzard?

"Scheduled maintenance will be on Wednesday, 15th January from 06:00 until 14:00

O.O? say what usually it’s 3-4 normally but when it’s patch days it used to be 3-11 what the heck xD?
if it’s true why would they have the patch day closed for almost the entire day? seems a bit unfair but alright…

Pretty sure it said 3-11 earlier :open_mouth:

They were not prepared, according a blue post.

Isn’t the patch coming tomorrow?
Yes tomorrow but it will be offline for 8hrs
6:00 am to 14:00.

I’d rather have a delay than a broken patch on release to be honest.


How? US is getting the patch in a few hours what do EU have to prepare that US have?

The US have extended/moved maintenance too

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I’m not sure where you’re from, but 14:00 is most definitely not the end of the day. Especially in southern Europe.

Apparently it’s the Shamans fault!

Chill out, it was on us too, they just opened servers few minuts ago for them… There is pretty big chance they reschelude it earlier so all of you dont get mad tomorow… Better safe than sorry i guess.
And since they just patched US it may takes less time to do it on eu so maybe u can play earlier…

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