Is the level 61 Shadowlands speed set dead and Obsolete Now?

Good evening All.
As the Title says, Is the level 61 speed set now dead and Obsolete for any player new or old trying to make the optimised lvl 61 Speed set, Due to not being able to lock your Experience and Level gains anymore. You can no longer lock a character higher than level 60. already spoken with a GM and have a Response stating we can no longer lock at 61. So thats basically killed of the 61 speed set for new peps. IF YOU already have a lvl 61 speed and locked your are perfectly safe and fine untill you unlock, then your screwed. So im guessing the set is dead now, and we need to use the less effective level 70 DF speed set or am i missing something, is there a work around for the lvl 61 set ? Thnxs all, just bugging me and i dont want to waste time making a set again that is pointless. ?

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I didn’t know they disallow locking XP in DF levels.

Well, that’s yet another sucky decision by the devs. :frowning:

I truly don’t understand what they can be thinking.

And on going in to give in-game Feedback about it, I see that they have also disabled the Bug Report/Feedback form in the Support menu. Very convenient, I soppose. :angry:

yea its a real bad decision, only option for the 61 speed set now it to use one and just do old open world content that does not yields any Exp so you do not level past 61 by mistake. and use the level 70 set and toon for everything else up to DF. just wish Blizzard would have told us in a open Notice of some form, not just some blue post somewhere alot of players may not read… shame…

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its a shame a shame!

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I thought you could only lock up to 60?

That is correct. Blizzard has disallowed locking XP above 59. That’s the problem.

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