Is the saying "mana" change to "regen"

This is not a rant. More observation.

I have seen so many players in high keys or low lvl dungeons starting to call “need mana” as “regen”. Have anybody else seen this happening?

Am I just a boomer from Vanilla who is used to see healer say “Mana” when they need more mana and I just don’t understand the change here or is this just some people doing it without knowing what they are saying?

Not saying that it is wrong to say “regen”. It just feels “wierd” :smiley:

Things change over time. I noticed “mb” became “my bad” instead of “mana break”.

Not seen that even once, usually it’s just “mana”

Ou yeah this too! Damn. Change is ok but feels weird.

From my experience a healer will usually say ‘‘mana’’ when they need to drink, while the tanks will ask ‘‘regen?’’ when they think the healer might need to drink.

I only ever say “mana” or “drink” although a good portion of the time the group ignores me whatever i yell and pulls thr next pack xD

Life of a healer i guess.

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