Is the skill "Windrunner's guidance" buggy in M +?

Hello everyonce,

Actually this skill works in Raids or Open World but not in M +. It seems like whenever you are leaving the fight your stacks of Windrunner’s guidance just go away.

Is it a bug or wanted?


It’s a bug.

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Fix MM and buff it already, damn it blizz

I am currently playing with Lock and Load talent instead as the “most OP” talent is not even working

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Push so it will not be forgotten

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Checking each day, and it still ain’t fixed, I will make all in my power, spam forum posts one after another till MM will get some attention, we shall not fall into darkness and be forgotten, Marksman hunter needs help, and we are here for it, ready and waiting for buffs that will make it at least equal to BM

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Ye same, not fixed yet.

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Still not fixed…

Also it doesnt work in open world.

Please wake up

It was absolutely fine in 10.2 PTR and first week of release. Since the beginning of season 3 you are losing the stacks as soon as you leave combat. No matter if M+, raid or open world.

Last night after big disconnection my talent start work properly :smiley: we make samo keys and i never lost my stacks when i go out of combat. It takes only 3 weeks and 1 big disconnect :

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Update, it is fixed! I just ran few dungeons and our talent is working! Now to get buffed and we can beat the BM meta!

These kinds of buffs shouldn’t have a duration anyway.

They should just stack up and you use them whenever you want.

Guidance, sun king’s blessing.

And the funny thing is that some of these buffs have durations, and other don’t, and literally NO ONE CARES WHEN THEY DON’T HAVE A DURATION!

There is no one being like: Oh this detract from the skill ceiling of the spec!

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Fully agreed, the one minute isn’t enough, and I would love it persisting through death, because that is always such a draw back, and sadly as MM, I am prone to just flop to ground from anything that happens.

I can also confirm: It’s finaly fixed.

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