Is there a typo in the new DK Hotfixes? It doesn't make sense

Second least played class above 1800 rating in arenas and it gets a nerf while DH and Warrior get buffed?

How does this make any sense at all, it would make sense if it was a buff but a nerf? Is this a typo perhaps? DK has a huge lack of damage in arenas compared to other classes, so a nerf really doesn’t make any sense.

Some clarification on this would be nice because there’s no way this is intended?

Its only PVP The question is how are they doing in PVE?

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Well this is a PvE AND PvP nerf. If it wasn’t an intended PvP nerf they could’ve compensated for it in PvP, but they didn’t.

The only way I could explain it is if it was a typo

Blizzard hates Death Knight just look Frost it is garbage.

But heyy rogues,shadow priest,mm hunters,arms warrior owning,maybe we all can just play this 4 classes.

But it is intended.
Unholy DKs are truly Unholy for PvE; and these changes are purely done for PvE balance.

Also the issue in competitive PvP is more complex, and that mainly due to overrepresentation of certain classes/specs wich has been that way for ages.

A PvP Nerf for the worst class in the game is intended? I find that really hard to believe

If it was intended to be only for PVE; they would’ve given compensation for PVP.

Since when did blizzard ever do this? They’ve never compensated in the other type of content or even designed speccs for all content.

They nerfed shadow back in legion and BFA even tho they were one of the least wanted speccs in the game in a m+ enviroment.

The nerfs directed at PvE, PvP is just paying for it.

There are loads of class designs in WoW which don’t work in several environments.

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That is not the Blizzard way. When they nerf things it’s mainly for PvE (always has been), except for some outliers where they nerf for PvP. That it because Blizzard really doesn’t care that much about PvP, I guess we all thought we knew by now?

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But they did it for warrior in the very same post.

Thats usually not how Blizzard works.
They will try to prevent negative effects, but only if it is possible within a hotfix. And in this case, nerfing uDKs apparently was deemed impossible to do without effects in PvP while warriors did get a buff to MS with a nerf in PvP to keep it the same in that.

Which is why I said there are some outliers. The reason for the DK nerf is that they are far ahead of everyone else in PvE (which is Blizzards main concern). That is why they were nerfed.

but, Arms warrior was considered Overpowered in a PvP enviroment yet intentionally has left it so.

blizzard shape a Meta that they want to happen and they use the buffs and Nerfs to ensure of such a thing the classes they dont want to be in that meta, they dont really look after.

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