Is there a way to NOT cast something in a macro, only wenn clicking on it?

Basically, I want the option of ONLY casting Final Reckoning, when I so choose… but still have the macro work normally, as it is currently written, WITHOUT modifiers. Either NOT activating the castsequence on mouse click, or NOT activating with a modifier key, either way is fine, as long as the base macro functions without any modifiers.

/castsequence [@player] reset=115 Avenging Wrath, Final Reckoning, Final Reckoning
/cast [@player] Final Reckoning

I don’t think I’ve ever read anything that could make it work, but since I have no idea how one would even type that into a search engine… I’ll just ask here.
So, basically, I’m looking for a not_Button:1 conditional, but doubting it exists.

Clicking will Final Reckoning yourself, pressing the keybind will do the sequence.

/castsequence [btn,@player] Final Reckoning; [@player] reset=115 Avenging Wrath, Final Reckoning, Final Reckoning


Thank you. I checked a few modifier lists, but was unable to find anything.
At least I’ve since surmised, that this, once again, doesn’t actually require a castsequence.

[nobtn:1] doesn’t seem to work with normal casts? As in, it works as you would expect, with mouse clicks, but doesn’t cast when used with keyboard buttons.
And after some testing [btn:1] ALSO doesn’t, it seems like with keyboard they do the opposite/treat ANY keystroke from the keyboard as left mouseclick?

/cast [btn:1] Avenging Wrath
/use [nobtn:1] 13
/use [nobtn:1] 14
/cast [@player] Final Reckoning

As in, with this, for testing, leftclick casts AW and FR, but not use trinkets, as expected, but on activation with keyboard the conditionals act as if it had been clicked with left mouse.


works completely normal, so apparently it’s only leftclick…

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