Is there an RP lore friendly way my character gets into the Shadowlands?

So Only since now I’ve started to play the Shadowlands, and I really enjoy the zones so far. And what first thought to be quite a distant idea became something more reasonable. Why won’t I implement the events of the Shadowlands into my characters lore?

However, my character is just a low-life mercenary who does some smuggling on the side. She ain’t Azeroth champion, she ain’t no real grand hero. And it feels this expansion is, once again, all about giving the character the feeling you are something special.

Is there a way my self-interested character could go to the Shadowlands to find some profits there? Or is it better to ignore this expansion and just wait for the next, hopefully more grounded one?

You’re undead. Undeath is fundamentally linked to the shadowlands. She could go there to find out about her own condition.


Ilyasha gave a good starting point. I can also easily see Bløndy being intrigued by the Brokers, these strange merchants who have the strangest merchandise… and their city Tazavesh. Sounds like a place she’ll love sneaking in to make profit, one way or another… :wink:


I haven’t played much of Shadowlands myself

(went through the main story once with an alt, on my way to level 60),

but my impression is, our player characters are recruited into “war services” to aid the covenants against the Jailer and his allies.

I figure this means that some Azerothians (the glorious Champions) join the big lore characters in direct confrontations with Zovaal and other mean powerhouses…

And some, like the handful of my characters that have entered the Shadowlands

(through the “official” portal in the faction’s capital city, on some faction sanctioned mission),

are more ‘support troops’ for the magnificent heroes. My characters may for example guard supplies or be part of an escort for supply chains intended for the Champions.

The big Heroes may get all the glory, but they would fail if they didn’t get their necessary provisions (food, drink, repairs, medical supplies…) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Canonically there are many maw walkers and as such, for once, several official Heroes in the struggle against the Maw. Heroes aside, going to Oribos at least as a trader and explorer doesn’t seem entirely out of the question but nowhere besides that place is very safe.


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