Is there no way to change the flag-/orbholder frame position?

I’m referring to the frame that pops up in BGs once a player has captured one of the aforementioned things
I can’t find a way to change the frames’ position and it overlaps with the right action bars by default
kind of weird

You mean the boss/arena frames?

no, those aren’t the same
I’ve moved the boss- and arena frames away but the orb- and flagholder frames are still in the same spot and won’t move

/fstack to get the name

what am i supposed to do with the name?
kinda annoying actually
i need to do it in the midst of a bg and also move away the pseudo overlapping quest frames

Use it to more accurately search for a solution and share it so we can better help you find a solution.

One of these might help

how do I interpret the reading there’s 30 things listed when I hover my mouse over the frame
also I can’t post links/images
the word that pops up the most is “arena frame” but that can’t be cause in an actual arena it’s on it’s correct position (way more to the left) during a BG it’s not

and I tried to drag it around just to confirm, moving the arena frame does 100% not fix the issue

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