Is this a joke? Contracts

Hey all! Let’s get into it.

I can’t be the only one bored from doing the SAME WQ’s over and over for a mediocre chunk of REP. But FINALLY when you reach Revered you can get contracts which yield… 10 rep extra each WQ -.- What is this? A bad joke? You could’ve made it 10% increased rep gain ATLEAST!

Considering you NEED exalted to play an allied race… (which is the single reason I got this expac fyi) and not only that BUT if you get exalted with Zandalari it doesn’t transfer over to Kul Tiran… You have to do the same process ALL OVER.

What is really disappointing is that it’s done on purpose… “More Content” like butter thinly scraped over a slice of bread…

You can use contracts from the moment you hit friendly and both Zandalari and Kul Tiran rep are pretty easy to get as you get rep from lvling and questing in the zones.At 120 you get acess to emmisaries which is 1500 rep when turned in.Both reps are very easy to get to Exalted.There are also Faction Assaults that happen on both continents,WQ bonus rep , Darkmoon Faire 10% boost ( which are limited time only but still) . Progress on faction specific achivments isnt shared since the achivments are unique to both Alliance and Horde (while also serving as an introduction to the whole race and actual storylines that lead to them joining their respective factions).There is bunch more content and ways to get rep then it was at the start of the xpac aswell.

Well… The only issue I have now is that I got 251 rep left until I get exalted with Zandalari Empire. Yet there are NO World Quest, NO Side Quest and NO other way to get rep as far as I know of… Finished all of it and now I HAVE to wait for a new WQ to spawn…

I feel as the games content is being withheld from me… WHY can’t tabard you buy after reaching Revered just give 10 rep each kill in a dungeon or open world?

I already bought the stupid game, now I want my content… lol

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