Is this a scam?

So in the adventure guide i saw that i could get ashadar harbringer of dawn mount…i completed full line, finished all quests came to Trading post. I opened the crate there which gave me 500 coins and that’s all…where is the mount? Npcs from trading post are proposing me only celestial mount which i don’t want

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You should loot it from chest. Go back to capital and loot your chest again.

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check your mount tab. I got mine as a wrapped gift in mount tab after openning chest.

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So, what do I do if I can’t open my chest anymore? It’s non-interactive.

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Wait until they fix this.

Update: All my Tender’s gone. So there’s definitely some progress there, it’s just backwards.


yeah same for me. When i came to open the chest for the tiger, i got 500 coins instead but no mount. Now chest is non-interactive and no mount in my collection list

My tender comes and goes, I have kept 475 and sometimes it’s 0 balance and other times it shows in full how much I have left.

Hopefully all these issues will be fixed soon.

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I got it as a gift in my mount tab

I hope it’s just a UI bug

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