Is this really what you want the game to be like?

Wait like it was in TBC and WOTLK ?? Blizz does not have enough brainpower to make it like it used to be and it worked… God damn miss badge system. At lest You EVENTUALLY get something.

probably people who played arena the first week corruption became a thing and were one shotting everybody

PvP is reliable, but i’d argue it has even more of a loot drought than pve.
Conquest is capped (550 per week) and will only net you 1 piece of gear every 2 weeks.

The only one under the impression that pvp “showers” gear on them is pve players that didn’t do any pvp and now get to benefit from the conquest catchup (the full 3k+ cap). Once you’re up to date, pvp gear is very scarce

a friend of mine who came back to WoW a few weeks ago (he stopped playing in Legion) is already over 1800 rating on his lock and he did this with ilvl 204 while he mostly played against people with way more gear. if you are stuck on 1.4 rating it is 95% because you lack skill. I am not really good in pvp but even I managed to help people in my guild to get to 1600 rating in 2v2 because most games under 1.6 rating are a joke. People just instantly pop every cd they have (off and def) and get kited super easy. Just because someone got over 2k rating years ago does not mean the person is still a good player. I used to be extremely good in cs 1.6 I even played in the EAS and moved up to the lower bracket EPS for two seasons in 2004 / 2005. If I would play now I would get owned by 99% of the current cs playerbase.

Why are y posting on a level 10 character :popcorn: :joy:

What does it matter, they don’t use the forums anyway.

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You are playing the most broken class along side with warrior and you are well overgeared for your rating.

That said being easy for you doesn’t nessecary mean being easy for a 200 ilevel ww monk, who don’t have oppertunity to play with broken healers such as holy pala.

Actually true

2.2k exp in TBC barely carries over to Shadowlands, it’s a completely different game

Claiming that you deserve to be 2k because you were 2k in 2007 is like your dad claiming deserves to be a football pro more than world cup players because he was in the local leagues top team back in the 60s

Give us more Loot !!


Funnily enough, the majority of people defending the state of game or hiding facts are butthurt people who didnt ever even achieve 2k rating, claiming their best rating in the most broken pvp state I remember in this game.

Corruptions were 6/10 on the scale and this is likely 10/10.

fun fact I only played to 1800 for the transmog set and I did this in mid december with ilvl 202 and stopped playing 3v3 after that. And I never played with a holy paladin. just stop trying to find weird excuses you are just bad

This ! Read it , Blizzard.

Worst part about SL is that pvers are forced into arena crapfest because it’s the only way to get reliable loot.

pvp gear should’ve had a pvp-unique stat like idk, resilience and then no pvers would feel “forced” to do arenas.

next season just add a pvp stat to pvp gear and badge/justice/valor/whatever vendor for m+ and gearing is solved.

Lol, nobody cares what you did in mid december, I also had 2.1k mmr in mid december when we all had equal gear and situation was different.

So please if you don’t play or don’t understand the situation now then stop wasting other people’s time with your troll comments.

How delusional you must be trying to defend this clown fiesta called arenas and calling yourself good because you got your first ever 1.8k with your ww monk :joy::clown_face:

Absolutely agreed. I’m ilvl 200 on the dot and stuck there due to lack of item drops and vault giving repeat items.

I DON’T want to do rated PVP. I don’t mind a casual BG for the luls, but rated… no thank you. Esp. in this current PVP state of ‘balance’ or should I say total lack of balance! But the game is literally trying its best to force me to go there if I want to break the ilvl 200 misery :pregnant_woman:

Normally I’d max lvl a new alt in an expac down time - but I know what awaits my alt beyond lvl 50…

ilvl scaling is pretty whack this expansion. I wish my problem was how little the ilvl increase is. Between how much time it takes to find an M+ group, the amount of groups that break up and the low amount of loot a finished run yields I’d be happy to even get a ilvl upgrade once every couple runs. Right now it’s more like 35 anima and the occasional epic shard.

Keking so hard. You don’t need to time m+ dungeons to get loot, same as raid. M+ ilvl is perfectly fine.

M+ is not even close to be fine.

For a reference with 1.6k rating you can upgrade your gear to 213 while in m+ max you can get (+15) is 210 ilevel (sure at start it was good resource of loot even with horrible drop chance).

So now theres two options:

  • praise the RNG gods to get reliable upgrade each week (takes at least 10 weeks considering you got into +15 fast and you are extremely lucky)
  • get boosted in pvp and get your full 220 or 226 gear in a week or two

Now what option ppl gonna take?