Is this server dead

i just came back yesterday since MOP and the whole game is void of players
Hello and welcome back! I wouldn't go as far as calling the whole game void of players but I believe the population has dropped a tad but we will most likely (as always) have an activity boost during the launch of the upcoming expansion. We are still around which is the point I try to make and it all depends on what you are looking for naturally.
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Sorry to rain on the parade, but yes: ER/DMF is dead. I've recently been playing more on Argent Dawn and the difference is staggering. I see people engaging in roleplay almost everywhere, even outside the big hubs. On ER/DMF I haven't seen random RP (even in Stormwind) for ages.

If Blizzard doesn't do something to fix this (server merges!) when BfA launches, I'm moving permanently. I know there'll be a group coming back to play the expansion, but it's just not enough anymore.
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Yes, this server is completely and utterly dead.
If I had the money I would move all my characters from ER. I started here in Vanilla, not interested in RP but got the feeling that ppl would be more helpful, I don't know about that. I would take another normal server if I had the choice today.

Making me pay for all my characters to transfer is crazy. Ion Hazzikostas tells us that ppl on RP-servers don't want the same experience as other players (Warmode and what not with others). Guess what Ion, I want a move from ER and DFM...
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Does anyone know what the last official word was on a merge with MG/SWC?

It's been kicked around by the community since 2014 as far as I can see, but curious if we've ever been given a reason why it hasn't happened?

Both realms are as empty as a politicians promise. Earthen Ring in particular go to Silvermoon and literally no one at all there. DMF is empty outside of Stormwind. It’s time they merged some servers and or added content at lower levels to make it worthwhile people questing in lower level areas.

It’s deader than fried chicken! I can spend hours running around leveling my noobs and never see a single other player from ER/DMF. Most days the only ER people I see are the ones in my friend list, and most of those will be gone too once vanilla comes.

I just thought I’d give the old game a go. Last I played was in WoD. But I do have Legion. Anyways it took me 2 days before I saw another player. On the other hand my server on Classic is bustling with life and atm I actually enjoy it more.

So basically i need to transfer my chars?

Sunday afternoon in Goldshire, and it was as empty as the eyes of the Banshee Queen…

can be players coming back in 8.3

Alas, the server is quiet, but it is certainly not dead. If it is RP you are looking for, I can speak for Ally side Stormwind regularly has RP most evenings. The main ones are Sunday - Wednesday but others are available.

Join /lfrp on both Alliance and Horde side and ask for some RP, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

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Yes, it’s dead. I’m thinking about transfer, but money… :frowning:

Dead as a doornail on the horde side…Somewhat alive on Alliance side. 8/jan/2020

My experience lately is that the server is almost completely abandoned. So I would say yes, the server is dead.

Which has dire ramifications for guilding and profiteering through the auction house…

Personally considering a transfer to Argent Dawn. I won’t gladly pay for it, but the change would be immensely positive for me.

I began playing on ER in summer 2005, when it was the more popular choice between ER and AD. Now it’s apparent to anyone that it’s nearing the end of its journey. Truly a shame.

2hrs 30mins waiting in a queue for a random battleground.

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As a long standing member of DMF/ER and a Guild leader of 7 years, I might be able to answer some of your questions.

Sadly yes, DMF/ER is dead; there is very little if any casual RP in and around any of the hubs, and that is extremely sad.

Just under a year ago I posted a forum post stating that my Guild and I had made the collective decision to move server, and we did. I do not regret it.
DMF was our home for over half a decade, and I was proud to call it such; sadly as time went on that faded and died, we held on- hoping for smaller server merges or a boost in RP but neither happened.
It looks like they MIGHT be looking to merge the smaller RP realms together; but that’s been on the table for a while and I for one am glad I decided not to wait longer- or I’d still be waiting judging by this post.

My advice to those of you who want random, fun, busy hubs and chances of casual RP and regular server campaigns would be, sadly- Jump ship.
Unfortunately that’s the reality of it, we did; and we’ve only grown from strength to strength, made many new friends and guildies and within 2 weeks of moving to AD we’d already partook in a server campaign and had more RP than we’d experienced in months on DMF/ER.

Sad as it is, and as much as it pains me to say; sometimes you need to know when to pull the plug and leave the ship.

This. This is time to leave the ship, and move on to pastures new.

I hate to be the barer of such news, I wish I could offer more upbeat news; But it’s been nearly a year since we moved and we haven’t looked back, and the situation just seems to of worsened.

Pack your bags and find your new adventures, take the memories with you.
It’s time.