Is this server good?

I have been playing a lot on flamelash the last months. Some days ago all the players transfered and now its completely dead. This server seems like a high populated server. Is this a safe server to start a new character, and is the population stable?

how did they transfer is there now paid transfers?

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There was free migration offered to try and reduce the population a little bit. All the Alliance guilds communicated together and jumped ship, completely destroying Flamelash.

On topic: Firemaw is very active. Some people would tell you that it’s like 70/30 H/A, but I’ve seen more than enough Alliance resistance, and they easily have some of the best players on the realm.

Firemaw is still surprisingly active at 4am.


Correct the PVP is really balenced but ive seen loads of Alliance and Horde guilds going around killing which is good !

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If you go Horde, youll have the run of the server.

If you go Alliance, youll be killed and camped at every turn, relentlessly.

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wowclassicpopulation. com/characters?minLevel=60&realm=4467_Firemaw

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No paid transfer yet. They transfered before blizzard removed the free server transfer thing.

Unless you go to Everlook. There’s always a huge group of Alliance in Everlook slaughtering everybody and ignoring guards. In fact, there’s one right now as of me writing this message.

Horde players get ganked just as often as you, there’s just as many huge alliance groups farming honor as Horde. Some nights, I can’t even kill 4 furbolgs without getting ganked.

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