Is this server still active?

Hi there!

I’m thinking of returning to Classic and see how things are now. Is this server still active in terms of RP?

I know HW was always a fairly quiet server, but are there a few people still around?

I “returned” just a couple of days ago as I got bored with the retail version (throw gold, gear and levels at you like it is going out of fashion). Now I am a Night Elf so I’m a bit isolated for many levels but I have seen pockets of people in and around Darnassus engaged in RP.

When I braved the Wetlands run I happened upon a couple of helpful hairy short folk who dealt with the vicious walking handbags. Ironforge had more active RP than Darnassus and then Stormwind was course tops for population. Though you do have to go to the known RP areas instead of pose around the Auction House.

I’d say that the server is quiet yes as many who yearned for Classic are not on an RP server. If it is sheer numbers then the RP server is not the place to look and that’s quite a good thing imo.

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After almost a year hiatus I joined fresh on HW as horde and for what I want from my gameplay I have everything there thanks to an awesome guild. People are still coming and creating new characters so I’m sure you will find your place if you want.

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