Is this the end of wow, bottom low state of the game?


I quite enjoy the arenas and rbg somewhat, getting back after a several year break killed the pvp community I used to play with but it’s slowly growing again. Alas communities are trash and mostly just toxic nowadays in wow. :confused:

Today I log on and what do I see? +30 alliances corpse camping afk horde players/newly logged in ontop of their war table, next to their flightpaths in their main city and guards doing nothing, players doing nothing.

Devs inciting their playerbase to camp the opposing factions afk and exposed, even without proper roleplay to it just a free welfare gear-grab. I get the same feeling about mop, that there’s just lazy a$$ producers and devs at wow in panic trying to get out of the franchise by brainfarting ideas for own gain, lobbing up pointless ideas and quickly releasing before thinking it through.

Mythics are quite fun to run competetively, pvp is so too but rest of the game is just lackluster and forces you to farm azerite as if it’s a vanilla r13 grind.

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