Is this the end?

It was just people who couldn’t make the difference between bots and multiboxing.

One required a person to be there and play the game, the other didn’t. That’s why it was allowed for so long.

The worst part was that ludicrous argument that using software to clone action across more than 1 acc isn’t automation. So damn delusional and a waste of time to argue something pretty obvious.

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I don’t really blame them, it was their way to play the game.

The problem was the abuse from PvP to auction house with easy farm.

Personally I used to have a free software but didn’t used it too long, it wasn’t for me.

However it was a good experience because it made me play a warrior and I really enjoyed it. So I made this character on my main account.

I thought the same

lol what does it even mean? What counts as streamline and what doesn’t?

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Seems there are not so many left, so removing multiboxing won’t be a big financial hit.

I’ve re-read it a couple of times now because when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I figured there’d be a loophole or technicality. But it really does seem like it will park the druid swarms, yes.

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Off to AH to buy goods while price is low ,and then sell later .buahahahah


Glorious. Simple, glorious! ( Glorious in N’zoth sound )
Multiboxing ruined my gold farm back in 8.2 and I wished they could get banned. Now I am witnessing the day of their end. No words can describe how beautiful it is.


You can still tab between accounts right? Just can’t use extra hardware that some people moved onto. So it’s not really gonna kill much? They can still /follow tab+click a node, tab+click a node, tab+click a node etc

You can make it even easier then that. If you’ve got triple monitor just split each screen to run 4 small wow windows. Make a macro for your bars /follow. Then it’s just clicking a node and hitting 1 on each screen 4 times. Would take me like 20 seconds per node on 10 accounts. Hardly the end of anything just a tiny bit slower.


After November’s announcement, it was noticeable that they had scaled back. But come the new year they were back. Yes, Blizz has been active removing, but by March they were back and reporting when them didn’t seem like any action being taken.

As a player who likes to make gold, it’s disheartening seeing a pack of 5 druids running around despawning all the herbs as you are trying to collect them.


NEVAR :frowning: I love my DuDu

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Let’s be real. Changing their policies is very different from actually enforcing said policy change.

I remember the day when people got banned for 1 day for advertising in the premade group tabs.

Nothing changed, if anything, the premade group tool is now even worse than it was back then.

It’ll only mean the end of multiboxing if multiboxers will actually get banned. If they ban a few accounts a week after announcing this policy change, and do nothing afterwards, or only ban multiboxers in a banwave every 6 months or so, it’ll change little to nothing.

Your spare dudus then. xD

We’ll just have to see then.
Better than doing nothing in any case.

And if it pushes multiboxers to alt tab a lot and they’re fine doing that… then that’s just honest work on their part, more than relying on mechanical/software input to do the motions for them on several accounts at once.

I gave up multiboxing in november 2020, but seeing this announcement makes me want to start doing it again.

:smiley: you what is funny? that i see like 1-2 multiboxers runing around bastion i don’t mind
but what i’m baffled about is that there is so many BOTs you know?
I was farming skining and i reported 5 players
Blizzard send me mail that they are thankful for helping them
but 2 days after that there are different bots again with different names and all are druids

Can someone please tell me… Is addon called FME (follow me addon) now forbidden?

Spoiler alert: bots will not end. People will find a way to abuse the game for their own profit always. Sadly.

You have to laugh at this though…

They ban multiboxing which generates them cash per account right but they leave boosters and advertisers alone??

Multiboxers barely bothered anyone but farmers.

Boosters are dominating the game right now… ita flooded with them. You literally have half or more of the lfg pages full of them… takes longer to find groups and reporting does sweet fa…

Boosters have a direct impact on nearly everyone playing the game but no we will focus our attention on multiboxers picking herbs…

What an absolute joke

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