Is Trust Level 3 exclusive to MVP?

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Uh huh that i did :heart:


Once you reach TL3… Will it be revoked if you’re not active enough? Or only if you get a forum ban? Temporary or otherwise…

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Pff. Dont just strive for t3, go for t5! The cow level is where things truly happen

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I don’t believe I can udderly believe you. There is no cow level.

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I lost that privelage aswel because apperentlly someone reported me for trolling cause i wrote 2 words in my own Language people really dont like Russian and Serbian language here :stuck_out_tongue: cause of that random guy i destroyed my chances on T3 got suspended 24hours wow some people are so biased.


This, and reports from other nice posters like Eighjan and Nefaryas, is making me nervous. Not that I want to post GIFs; I think that as a feature it’s more likely to be destructive than useful. But still, they must be setting the bar for infractions very low.

(Yolandass) #38

I mean i have been known by people to act Passive agressive when i am having a bad day at work cause i am mostly on the forums from 9am to 4PM until my shift ends cause i can multitask but the point is i have never been reported for acting passive aggressive cause people know whats up but i got reported for writing 2 words in my language i detected Bull there :laughing::laughing:.

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Honestly, why anyone would even think of reporting good posters like Eighjan and Nefaryas is beyond me. But that aside, new forum features are still broken and I’m guessing that those might be the cause unjust reports.

Remember how someone pointed out that it’s possible to like your own comment with different alts? It seems that reports are working in the same way as well. There was a “weekend thread” about 2 weeks ago where I and 3 other people have posted. OP went hostile after a few posts and not only him, but other posters who were agreeing with him have done the same. A blue locked that thread and me and the other posters who disagreed with OP have some of their posts removed. I received a message from forum bot about my post being flagged and will be hidden and I’m guessing it was the same for other 3 people as well.

Also, one of the other posts from OP had about 11 likes on it. It was then that I decided to check everyone who liked OP, as well as everyone who supported him on the thread. Guess what happened? All of them turned out to be alts of the same player. While I’m still not pointing fingers to anyone, it seems unlikely for only 4 posters who disagreed with OP got their posts flagged by enough people to get them hidden, especially since nobody else has posted on that thread other than OP and 4 people who disagreed with him.

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What’s this trust level thing?

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People do report for the wrong reasons, like some things are flagged purely because they don’t like the opinion that person is expressing or even that they just dislike the person. Theoretically these should not end up in any action being taken against them beyond whatever is automated and then reviewed.

Sometimes good posters lose their tempers too and may fall foul of the forum rules.

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This pinned post explains the trust levels

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Puny you truly speak for the people because you clearly described the issue i am having with some false reports i will admit i dont really like a few people from the forum but i wouldnt report them for no reason out of spite and jealousy thats stupid or even bigger stupidity is reporting someone cause you dont like his or hers opinion on the matter like :confused: but all and all i did not make a mistake for voting you to be the MVP at all you can relate easily and i love that about you the most keep up the good work madam.Also sorry for my bad grammar im trying my best :slight_smile:.

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Don’t worry too much, I got baited and said the wrong thing. What I said wasn’t really something that should be a bannable offense in my books though, I’ve heard worse coming from infant school children but blizzard and I differ on that opinion lol.

I unfortunately have a habit of getting into trouble unfairly after being provoked irl too :rofl: in future I will be more careful and walk away sooner or I shall plead being a leo and not being able to help myself :smiley:

(Eighjan) #45

I only ever seek to help, but in doing so some see me as belittling & condescending, at times… it sometimes makes me wonder if they would recognise genuine help if was labelled in 10"/25cm letters.

Anyone I do help, I do so with the most genuine intent and take any thanks as reward itself.

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  • Of topics created in the last 100 days, must have viewed 25% (capped at 500)
  • Of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25% (capped at 20k)

I don’t get these. Is this every single topic in every forum!? Even forums that are of no interest to you like realm forums you don’t have characters for or pvp forums when you never do pvp?
Seems a bit strange to me that you need to spend dozens of hours in non-interesting forums just to gain a level.

(Punyelf) #47

So if there are 500 topics (or less, but 500 is cap) created in 100 days you need to have viewed 25% of them (125 topics).

Providing I’ve not made any glaringly obvious errors with my maths.

That’s 125 topics viewed over 100 days is really just like viewing two topics a day (1.25).

Then it’s even less for actual reading.

Does that help?


There are a lot more than 20 topics per day created on the forums. General alone will see to that, before we add in Realm forums, Class forums, Support forums (!) and the others. And there is no prospect of the forums ever dropping anywhere near as low as 20 topics per day. So I think we can ignore the 25% case and say that 500 topics is the requirement, so an average of 5 unviewed topics a day. That’s actually quite a bit. And if I understand correctly, that needs to be continually kept up so as not to fall below TL3 certification.

So I think it safe to say that only confirmed forum barflies will ever see the Promised Land of full-page Asmongold Reacts animated GIFs. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It will be a glorious day!!!

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:blush: errrr don’t look at my read post count or topics entered :blush:

I get easily bored whilst working lol

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