Is Turbo dead now?


I mean - Enha seems fked up, dmg and resource management really nerfed.

What’s your opinion? It feels just much weaker and nothing comparable to DK’s for example.


Turbo is still strong and do a sh1t tonns of damage. But anyway TSG is just way better now - they are tankier, have more easy cc and do more damage anyway.


Is that true? We’re just having really hard times and dropped a lot.

But the truth is biggest pain was mentioned TSG. Enha just feels very mediocre to me compared to DK/Warr.


Defo dead. firemage/destro/hpal/mw just guts you. Without static clinge and RTL it just feels like hitting for 0 dmg

(Crîpxoo) #5

Its not dead, just not free rating more. Now, you must play the game a bit, and do some things in the arena, my little turbo player.


Yea Turbo is trash tier right now. :stuck_out_tongue: Enha is unplayable trash. Don’t listen to the butthurt 1,2k players saying enha needs skill to work now. Double caster is the meta. If you go melee cleave gl mate.


Dont care about turbo. Never played it. I usually play with casters. But enhance is dead. Why would you bring enhance when you can get ele that does everything you do better plus lasso

(Bloodlock) #8

It’s just the first time in history where turbo is kinda balanced and gets you punished if you go all zugzug instead of getting rewarded free rating.

However double caster meta is way too strong especially with ele. So i can understand if turbo feels weak. I’m not sad tho.

(Crîpxoo) #9

Im still facing turbos at 2.9 cr 3-3.1 mmr, so is your l2p issue, maybe you are the 1.2k butthurt player that cant grind rating over your real xp :wink:

(Dameg) #10

turbo is never dead

(Scyzah) #12

Getting glad sure. Getting rank 1 with it? Nope. Enhance is ded


Yeah, Enha is very squishy and deals just under avarage - avarage damage. Not good enough, it’s try hard.


Oh the turbo tryhards

(Zêra) #15

Played vs Turbo few days ago on 2700. Enhancer did play ascendence. They still do a lot of pressure and won vs our LSMW at dampening.


Yes, I Ascendance is a must today, that’s the only window when the pressure is coming from.


I don’t faceroll with spamming my 4 buttons no-risk anymore herp derp. Get over it


Actually never happened. If you ever played Enha, you’d know. kthxbai


Actually it did happens. You didn’t even needed to roll across all your keyboard. Just for the button where your stormstrike was binded. But GG for trying.


Super-wrong. Definitely didn’t work like that around 2k+. I had to kite hard and really time bursts, otherwise I’d be super-dead.

(Karanze) #21

Rolled turbo today with an Hpala. Worked pretty well, enh sham could still burst for an insane amount, but his overall damage was less than my own.

TSG is overall just better.