Is Turnip Punching Bag still obtainable?

Wowhead doesn’t give you any information if the quest is still available or removed. However it only mentioned that you will get this toy once you complete the quest called [Leaders Among Breeders] as a quest reward.
I thought I should maybe complete some storylines or quest chains to get the quest to appear. So I did some quests in Valley of the Four Winds but yet couldn’t find the NPC who gives the quest.

I haven’t heard anything about it being removed and Wowhead still lists it as available in the current build, so I assume it is still here.

This comment

suggests what quests you have to do first.

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Thank you, dumb me couldn’t read the comments :3

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Comments are what MAKE Wowhead.

The Wowhead structure and content is a solid skeleton, but the comments are the substance! :+1:


^^ This

I appreciate all the guides that wowhead puts together but nine times out of ten it’s the comments that solve whatever thing I’m looking for when it’s related to a specific item or quest.


Some of the guides are great on Wowhead but sometimes they don’t have the information needed, like the guides to classes don’t mention what weapons you can use from the start in Classic TBC.

I’ve wasted gold in the past buying the wrong weapon and needing to trudge all the way to another city to a weapon master to get the skill for the weapon I had.

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