Is twinking still a thing..?

So I’ve just come back to wow after 7 years off and I’m starting to get a little bored with it already. One thing that I used to enjoy having fun with was level 19 Twink battlegrounds. So I made a rogue (always been my favourite character since day 1) levelled him to 19 and geared and enchanted him appropriately as well as XP capping him. I joined the queue and then sat there for about 45 minutes and nothing happened, so I’m assuming that level 19 Twink BGs is dead on BFA?

But my question is, is twinking at lvl 19 still popular on classic?

I don’t want to start an argument, I understand it’s not for everyone, I just wanna know if it’s worth installing classic for the sole purpose of doing lvl 19 Twink BGs ? Also does it matter what server I go on?

I don’t particularly wanna level to 19 and farm all the necessary stuff just to sit in a queue for 30+ mins with no action again.

Thanks I’m advance for any help

The new way to twink is to level to 120, get world quest gear - like ilvl 450. It’s basically garbage gear that takes no real farming to get.
Then you group up with someone who is 111-119 and use party sync feature to queue up for lower level BGs. You get scaled down to 119 but you will be walking around with twice the HP of everyone else while literally 2-shotting them.

Blizzard thinks this is absolutely fine but they removed twinks (players with locked xp) to their own queue and completely killed low level twinking. You won’t be sitting in 30 min queue, you’ll be sitting in queue forever because they never pop. There’s no one playing low lvl bgs with locked xp any more.
It makes absolutely no sense since the difference between twinks and players with heirlooms and dungeon gear is minimal nowadays but then again - nothing these idiots come up with makes any sense.


Is that in bfa or classic pal?

Ehm from what i remember about the twinking history it stared around Wrath when they introduced the dungeon quee for pvp+xp from wining bg’s and it went off really in Cata where everyone leveled new characters and blizzard implemented leveling brackets 10-19,20-29 etc (and around Mop,or was it Wod, i think they switched it to only 5 lvl brackets because the discrepancy in powers from levels)
The Classic bg’s dont have level brackets nor you get xp from wins.You can enter those and maybe turn in those badge quest for xp but thats about it.

Twinking happens on classic these days.

If joining chose pyre wood srv, that where everybody is.
Daily 10v10s happening by just inv who’s on… Games are popping within 1-5mins
Retail is deserted

Whoops wanted to post from this toon

If interested games are streamed daily from mostly:
Bolliesama (loone)

Cba linking just search those names on twitch you should find them

Also get in the twink hub discord. Hit me up in game I’ll get u an inv if it isn’t on xpoff

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