Is twisting nether down?

Is it only me that can’t see my characters ?

You not alone

Down for me ^^ Able to log into other characters on different servers just cant see anything on twisting

Yeah, I thought I was the only one, it is definetely down, only thing I can see is the empty list, no way to create new character, nothing.

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Seems to be working now… -51 rating. Thank you blizzard.

Same on me. I was doing dungeon then sth happened. I was not able to cast spells or summon pets. Tried reload but it did nothing. Then i Exit game to restart but only think i can see is black empty screen with delete character - enter world buttons which are gray. I tried to switch to another realm (Ravencrest EU) and there were no problems at all. Seems like Twisting Nether is down. I dunno if blizz gimme my keystone back or not. This was not my fault at all.

Same for me now

Experiencing the same problem atm.

Same with me, I was finishing The Everbloom M+. We killed the last boss and all of a sudden i couldnt loot the chest, i guess it’s bye bye loot. I tried to quit game and recconect only to face an empty realm page, couldnt see any of my characters on Twisting Nether. Tried other realms but those seem to be working fine.

If you got anything it should be in your mailbox (hopefully)

Dear Blizzard, can you explain why we can connect on other servers and all the other characters are visible? It’s not nice to have only 1 day to enjoy with friends in WOW and that will happen , fix asap !

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3rd solo shuffle lost to this. Never going to do it again.

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