Is WoW in it's Rs3/OSRS split era?

Looking at the cosmetics and ease of leveling compared to the older versions of the game it’s really reminding me of how runescape ended up. retail won’t have the same fate as RS3 imo

Leveling has always been a braindead snoozefest that’s -at best- not too annoying, but as long as blizzard designs content around the lowest common denominator it will never feel like a genuine adventure for everyone else because you just hold W to win.

Microtransactions are good for making money, but I wouldn’t call WoW a cashgrab MMO unless they seriously neglect actual gameplay content. I’m not worried unless I see a decline in the number/quality of raids and dungeons, or filler seasons without meaningful progression.

Also, I don’t see games dying as a bad thing, but rather as a sign that their devs decide to stick to their original intentions without compromising the core foundations of the game. Marketing wise it’s a bad choice but there’s something noble about not going full sellout just to cater to the fickle masses who will demand something else shortly after.

Yes, it is. And it’ll be very interesting to see what happens next, because in the one hand retail is embracing some of the game’s older principles, while Classic is entering the early parts of the modern era, with a few of the features of recent WoW backported as well.