Is wow [kinda] dying ?

(Tèsla) #21

Yes incredible. a 18 mins queue 3 days ago. they posted on the forum (less interesting than this btw) that the eu pc servers were filled by new ppl.


It’s due to Necromancers coming and those dragons do look amazing.

I do play eso myself on ps4… it is a great game, but I love wow more as I have played for 12 years.


pfft I am past 40 and feel more alive than ever :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dappysham) #24

This isn’t a valid argument… player base has need going down drastically over recent years, you can quite clearly see that in server merges.

Reason behind high pop servers is the more people joining a server makes others join. No one wants to join a low pop server.

(Tèsla) #25

You know? Im playin eso and i like it but even i still dont play wow since jan (just some achie but nothin serious), wow is still special. Im involved in it.


bet your fun to be around,:smiley:

(Levey) #27

Short answer is hell no, but a lot of people are making money off youtube outrage and clicks so the social media serves an accelerationist role. It’s now cool to hate BfA, which adds to people leaving over useless, tiny things they tolerated for a literal decade.


to be fair, WoW has been dying for 9 years now. since the release of Cata, it’s population has been in decline. Wrath had 12.5 million subs and it then plummited in Cata. Legion did stop the bleeding of subs I’m sure. I heard a 10 million figure brought up. I’m guessing we are around WoD numbers now in subs, maybe even less. In my opinion, they royally messed up releasing Beta for Azeroth. they should have given us Heart 2.0 right away, and azerite armor 2.0 right away, the expansion would have been at least 2 times better and we wouldn’t even be having this descussion. Beta for Azeroth reopened the wound that Legion closed and the game is bleeding out, but lets see.

(Punyelf) #29

I disagree, one of the perks of when we were server based (and I’m talking busy, full to the brim servers that have queues) we hardly ever saw a sole levelling up through old content. It’s the kind of peaceful existance you only find on small RP servers these days.

Now everything is CRZ and we are lumped in from players from any realm in shards. At times it’s a nightmare trying to find the mobs you need to kill.


Woot? I am past 40 and I am feeling like a youngster. To be honest, I think most of the current WoW players are closing to 40, which is more than the average gamer age today, but that’s how WoW is.

I know there are some youngsters among us (pointing at you Bukahcu) so we still have time to play this game. In my opinion, WoW is not dying, it is just growing old

(Jito) #31

That was kind of what I tried to insinuate, in a somewhat doomy and gloomy way. :yum:


WOW died 2 expansion ago, only addicts are hanging around.

Joke aside, the only thing that carries the game is transmog and mount collection.


Wow is not dying and it is not old! Wow is 14 and is starting the worst part of its teenage years. It doesn’t know who it is and is trying to find it out, many people find it annoing and unstable and to be honest it also stinks a little bit. Wait a few years and wow will find itself again and know it’s place in the world! Then it also will be much more pleasant and more people will find it more attracting to spend time with.

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Well arent you a little ray of sunshine! Havent you ever heard of the phrase “Life begins at 40”?


I tried ESO. I like the world and the lore of elder scrolls but i just can’t stand combat in that game it feels so boring as does all the classes.

(Jurgenhan) #37

There are definitely less players than there used to be. Many left during the WOD era, a few returned for Legion and left again for BFA.

As for the single player feeling, this is just the way the game has evolved you can do most of your quests as a single player only a few activities require a group.


Well guess what happens if they make the game worse every expansion…


Most MMO’s are like that in STO there is barely any endgame content at all and the only real thing to do is to collect ridiculously overpriced ships.

GW2 was advertised as pvp game but it has turned to fashion wars over the years.

SWTOR can’t really tell i stopped playing because my server got merged with servers that i did not want it to be merged and they started to sell everything from UI elements to housing stuff in real money shop.

There are other mmo’s that i have tried but nothing has hold my interest like wow has and it still feels fun to me and when i don’t like it sometimes i just take a vacation from the game if i feel like it no need to punish your self doing something you don’t like.

(Jito) #40

I’ll edit the comment since it apparently offends.
But that wasn’t the intention.
People say that WoW is getting old, and therefore it must be dying.
If you switch WoW out with a person, then the statement becomes silly, because we don’t go around projecting death in such a morbid way. But for WoW it’s somehow become a common thing to do, to project the death and doomsday scenario and so on. I just wanted to present the morbid line of thought behind that. But I can see how it offends everyone around here, as if I’m saying they’re standing with one foot in the grave. So i’ll edit. No offense meant. :upside_down_face:

(Pinkylarue) #41

Its not offensive, at least I’m not offended but I am bloody surprised that 40 and over 40 is viewed that way…Now if you’ll excuse me I have to drink my cocoa and go and park my zimmer frame, not necessarily in that order :wink: