Is ww monk fun/strong in pvp?

Is it worth gearing a ww monk in pvp rn?


disgusting high burst dmg
no def at all

so basically a glass canon. If that is fun to you, ww is fine.
It is definitely not meta because they probably get deleted easy by rogues, mages and demos

I struggle to remain at 1200-rating in 2v2, that perhaps leave me unqualified to reply. But nonetheless heres my experience thus far.

Like mentioned above, we are very squishy. Any other covenant than Necrolord is suicide. You can’t wait with defensives for the situation to get dire, without karma, you’re a few seconds away from dying. Mobility is great though.

The damage is okay, you have to make use of your set-bonus to make a significant dent, but once you do it’s quite okay damage.

Battlegrounds is altogether quite fun imo. Ring of peace is a great and fun tool in most battlegrounds. Damagewisely you won’t compete for the top unless you massively overgear, but you are guaranteed fun.

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