Is ww monk fun/viable in pvp?

hey guys,

do you guys recommend ww monks for pvp rn?
do you think it’s fun and why?

I want to give it a go!


Yes they are really strong.

Not Arms or Fire Mage level but still very strong.

We have very good damage and our damage CD last for a long duration, but we die fast, way faster than the speccs i mentioned.

More important is if you find it fun to play.

I find it a little bit “one trick” and it’s really easy for people to counter. People back off from your Karma and try to CC you or run during Xuen. It’s a bit predictable and outside of the burst window the damage is really average.

If you have the right support though you can pump DPS and wear players down with constant damage. The burst and cleave during Xuen+Kyrian+SEF with the celestial legendary is really high and often can overwhelm teams that don’t know how to deal with it.

Serenity is where its at for some awesome burst

Viable? They are extremely powerful now with the proper setup.

Monks are like Lions waiting for que to finish…
If you enter his area he will hunt you down… Probably you will be dead before even knowing your fight already started

Both fun and good. Godlike mobility and good burst.

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