Island expeditions mythic level

Does anyone know how I can find out what the highest win on an island expedition at mythic level is please?
Meaning when you win at 12k what’s the lowest the other faction have been on. TIA

I’m fairly certain i’ve had 12k to 0 wins, where the enemy NPC’s for some reason never left the ship. (though it’s possible it was 9k vs 0 on heroic instead, too long ago to remember).

Must’ve been a bug, we never went near their ship and never did anything special, but it’s happened.

Wow that was lucky lol

had that happen on normal island, on an leveling alt, never even saw the hordies anywhere.

Yea, i think it’s a fair assumption that, if your transmog is scary enough, the cowards stay on the ship, and this is really the only truly worthy of winning an Island Expedition.

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