Island Expeditions with multiple accounts

I personally don’t miss anyone from outland realm on my alt here they are all toxic and parasitic community there id rather play with people from my main realms on terrokar and darkspear Angels :angel: of people play there those realms are where I began it was a mistake playing on Outland realm come to think of it.

idk i kinda have friends everywhere so will be rough to decide where ill make a new character

It’s a 3 person expedition.

Inconveniencing the third member of your party.

Islands are bad enough, without people like you prolonging the experience by afk’ing & causing a loss.


Well as a dedicated leveller, I can tell you that when people join in a guild group they never ever ever even say hello to anyone. They are always the ones who never ever reply to “hello” or “good morning” and the non joined players generally do. The vast majority of players that have made friends in wow did so by talking and being friendly to random strangers … that’s how you make new friends.
By encouraging people to stick together, you wont make any new friends.
As for punishing the player base … the exact opposite is what would happen, as this and many many other posts have said. The sort of behaviour is being nourished by wow and its current policies and is costing them millions of players, which is a detriment to us all.

Its not about punishment, its about stopping people taking advantage of others. My idea halts it all. If you want to join as a group, go ahead. If you don’t want to be in a group with pre-grouped then go ahead.
And youll come back with omg longer queues … which wont happen, as the same number of people will be in the group finder … so don’t even try that nonsense.

Grouping with your pals gives you an advantage to do whatever you want to whomever you want with zero repercussions … my idea prevents that.

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Yet you want to punish those who do make friends because they would no longer be able to carry on together. Defeating the object of making any friends. Wow may have various elements to it that allow solo play. Group content is not part of it, so if you use LFD/LFR then you may be grouped with people that are playing with friends. If you wish to avoid that, then onus is on you to form groups outside of the automatic queue system.

Whilst I can understand why you want it (although I don’t agree with it), your idea penalises anyone who wants to play with friends they’ve made in the game. It is far better for everyone to have equal access to the queue whether they are with friends or not.

There would be a longer queue if they were separate, you would be directly reducing the pool of people available to play and be matched up.

There really is something sad about people that want to exclude friends from playing group content together. I’ve done 162 islands (on this character) and seen a booster once. I don’t wish to punish the whole player base for the actions of 1 in 162. I would rather that being put in the position of having one afk player was reportable than to be excluded from playing with friends.

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One day at the office:

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On the original subject of the thread, i would just start playing, if alt stays on the boat reasonable time to assume it’s no one that for some reason had to afk at the start i would then make report of it and leave. Report so Blizzard can deside if it’s ok action, leave because chances to be kick out last moment would be pretty high so not worth taking a risk. And would end up feeling guilty that someone else ends to same game. Ehh. :slightly_frowning_face:


Those… Those… Those baddies!!!

you can do anything else with your friends, including guild social evenings and guild chat. Things that are not available to those who aren’t guilded with you. So no, its not a punishment.

As stated above, guilded friends already have more than the average person when it comes to interaction. It does NOT penalise guilded or grouped people in any way. Again, as we have done this before, it does NOT change the number of people in the queue. There is the exact same number of people in the queue. It does NOt alter the number of people looking for group. 10 people in the queue, 4 in a group. My idea, don’t let them group up before signing up. There is still 10 people in the queue.

I am NOT preventing you interacting with your friends, I just want a situation where you and your friends cannot dominate and alter the way I play the game or the enjoyment I get from it. Interact all you like, just don’t expect to be allowed to use that interaction to make other peoples day worse.
Nothing is stopping you interacting with your pals, I play the game solo and I can still happily chat away on Skype/whispers/gchat and every other tool in the game that allows interaction.

Yet again, everything you’ve attempted to contradict me on is incorrect. I am not saying stop interacting (maybe do some 5mans and note when youre in a group with guildies and see how often they say hello … because im telling you now, they never ever ever do), Im saying stop your interaction affecting others. There has been more than a few posts bout people abusing the kick function and its about time blizzard gave us the option not to have to queue with people like this or being forced to accept it.
Yes I can put you on ignore, but by then you and your pals already kicked me for no reason and given me a headache. Too late, damage done.

scoff all you like, this game exists because of politeness and fun times together. Like it or not, wow has existed all this length because people made friends and stuck together through thick and thin.

oh and if youre implying im sad because I don’t like people taking advantage of the good nature of others with a simple change to fix it, then it is you who is a sad person. Keep your insults to yourself and try to be constructive and helpful, like I presume an mvp is supposed to do

It is a punishment to exclude groups from group content. It is a GROUP. The clue is in the name.

All the people grouped will not be in the pool. That reduces the pool of people avaiable. It will mean longer queues for everyone. It is a bad move and I very much doubt Blizzard will entertain such a system because it is random grouping. Not you can pick and choose who you group with. That would be a PuG.

You would totally be preventing everyone who plays with friends or guild mates.

I have done nothing BUT demonstrate my point. The fact that you stubbornly wont accept it is another matter.

If you wish to enforce queuing with strangers then you make your own group and fill it with strangers. The grouping tool will group people looking to do content regardless of your discriminatory requirements.

I also love that you like to paint it as if my friends and I are the ones kicking you. I have never kicked anyone unless they are afk or doing stupid things (like pulling the whole island and killing us all repeatedly). If you behave like this while doing islands maybe that is why you get removed.


I haven’t found mvp’s to be particularly helpful.
No idea what the criteria are but I think the post count is pretty important.

There is one iirc, a toll hunter I believe. Not sure who but I’d recognize him

What I think is sad is that some seek to destroy every part of this game that is about grouping. Instead of being able make and build on friendships, some seek to make it as single player as possible. There is plenty of the game that can be completed without interaction with others. But don’t go destroying the parts that are multiplayer.

You have an extremely hostile tone and aimed all your venom at me as if me or my friends have ever been the ones to kick you from any activity.

Like I said before, the only people I have ever kicked are AFKers and those who seek to get us killed repeatedly and wont stop trolling.

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How do you know it’s an alt? Could it be a booster?


The basics of greens. :slight_smile:


Indeed could be either. Boost selling happens for normal islands. I guess ideally you need a booster than can boost two people at once then you wouldn’t face this issue.

I have been in a heroic island where the guildmate was afk and I could either just two man it or leave, couldn’t kick because it wasn’t going to go through. We managed but it would be better if something could be done about the person never leaving the boat.

Every time the game goes on sale there does seem to be an influx across all content of people with their alt (on second account) on follow. They can’t actually multibox so they just follow their other character around. It’s not as common as it has been in the past with the removal of the mega RAF XP gain benefits we used to have.

You! Was referring to you!

Yeah I know that. It’s just that I found some mvps are spamming pseudo useful posts while others are always insightful and truly helpful. It was more a personal appreciation, without naming or shamming :slightly_smiling_face:

But my post was positive towards you don’t worry, you always on top mon

Does it really matter if it’s a boost or if it’s an alt? The end result for the 3rd part is the same.

Facts matter :wink:

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