Issue resolved

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Go go the Floating Combat Text section in AdvancedInterfaceOptions and turn off Effects.

Even tried turning them on and off again to see if it was a bug.

I am assuming its something to do with CVar browser but I cant figure it out, blizzard gamemaster is telling me to reset my UI in the files.

That won’t fix it unless you have an addon adding them, and I doubt that’s the case. CVars are stored server-side now so the only way to reset them is with the /console cvar_default command.

I’ll see if I can duplicate it when I get a min.

Looks like it might be a bug on Blizz’s end. I can’t get it to go away either. That said, it does look like you have an addon or something making the text look way more prominent and adding an icon to it.

Made a vid of my testing and will attach that once it’s done uploading. I also tested it on my Priest with Silence to rule out War Mode forcing it on regardless of the CVar. I’ve submitted an in-game Bug Report.

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Doing /console cvar_default command did not fix it by itself. In the end i had to change the name of the config file as well to fix the issue and then redo all my settings. Took about an hour but finally I am just about done lmao.

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