Issues with guildchat after transfer

Recently transferred a character to my mains server and joined its guild. Everything worked fine but once I went off and came back the guild was empty, saying 0/0 people are online and the roster is empty. I tried to gquit, got invited back and it was working, but then same thing again. Went off, came back and empty again. I tried to delete/restore the character but didnt change anything. Im only having problems with this one character.


Same problem.

Same problem for me. Helped to get kick out of the guild and join back but works until you go offline again.

same here! Annoying!!!

This is an issue we’re currently tracking here: Cannot see guild chat or guild information, our developers are aware of the issue and hope to have it fixed soon!

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Same problem here, server change was done a very long time ago (at the start of SL) with the free character transfer

Days weeks Months Years ?